Bois de Gravière


The campsite near Clermont-Ferrand is ideally located situé,  800m from Medieval City of Besse 5 min from Super Besse resort, at the center of many starting points for hikes and discoveries.

Camping proche de Clermont-Ferrand

Summer in Auvergne

Paysages et Découvertes

“Auvergnez Vous” at the Medieval City of Besse !

Located in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Park at the base of the Massif du Sancy, come and discover all the riches of Auvergne :

  • The Medieval City of Besse 800m from the incomparably charming campsite village, at an altitude of 1050m, it is a lively picturesque village where friendliness and festive sense are combined in all seasons. Guided tour.
  • Wild and unspoiled landscapes with the Chaudefour Valley
    Nature Reserve (15min from Besse) Chastreix-Sancy Nature. Reserve (15min from Egliseneuve d'Entraigues) Les Troubières Picherande-Chastreix (15 min from Egliseneuve d’Entraigues), The salt marshes of St Nectaire (15 min from Besse) …
  • Fauna and Flora: Mouflons, Chamois, Marmots, Salers cows, …
  • The Volcanoes, la Chaîne des Puys with Le Lac Pavin the youngest Volcano in Auvergne are 2 minutes from Besse and Le Puy de Sancy at 5 minutes from Besse the highest peak in Auvergne (cable car at Super Besse) without forgetting Le Puy de Dôme (35min from Besse) …
  • Vulcania ( 35min from Besse)
  • The Rivers : The Dordogne, the Espérance river takes its
    source at the foot of the Puy de Sancy (35min from Besse)
  • Les Couzes: Big stream: La Couze Pavin (bordering the Bois de Gravière campsite), La Couze Chambon (15min from Besse)
  • The Sources: Fontaine Goyon (in Besse), Sainte Anne in the Chaudefourt Valley (15 minutes from Besse) …
  • Lakes : Lac Pavin  ( 5min from Besse), Lac de Bourdouze (10min from Besse), Lac Chambon ( 15 min from Besse), Les Hermines ( 5min from Besse),  Lac d’Entraigues (at the entrance of the campsite des Jardins d’Entraigues) and many others …
  • Waterfalls : Vaucoux waterfall (5min from Besse), Chilozas waterfalls and Giants pot (at the foot of the Bois de Gravière campsite), Barthe waterfall (10min from Besse and Egliseneuve d’Entraigues), Wood waterfalls lime and Entraigues (at the foot of the Jardins d’Entraigues campsite) and a lot of others…

Breathtaking landscapes! …

Here the hikes are accessible to all, family outings or long hikes, discover breathtaking panoramas and majestic landscapes.

You walk the volcanoes of Auvergne, like those of the Chaîne des Puys or the Sancy massif, you walk along volcanic lakes, such as Lac du Guéry or Lac Pavin, or you discover waterfalls!

A total of more than 3,900 km of marked trails take you through the 6 territories of the department and you commune with a rich and varied nature.

Hiking near the campsite

Starting on foot from the campsite :

Puy de Sancy, the highest Volcano in Auvergne, go up to the village of Besse, take the discovery trails along the Couze Pavin, climb to Super Besse then to Puy de Sancy.
Lac Pavin the youngest Volcano in Auvergne Go up to the village of Besse take the Chemin des Estive (part of the Gr30) practical information

The Chiloza Waterfalls practical information

Le Puy de Chambourguet wonderfall view of the chain of puys from Sancy to Cantal practical information

The 3 Lakes Hike : Pavin, Moncineyre and Bourdouze practical information.

Starting at 15min from the campsite :

Mountain biking

Les Randonnées

Winter in Auvergne


Ski on the slopes of a Volcano!

Located in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Park on the southern slope of the Massif du Sancy, discover the resort of Super Besse and take advantage of its many snow activities. The Bois de Gravière campsite is located 800m from the medieval city of Besse, 7 km from the ski resort of Super Besse

Besse is a charming village in Auvergne, located at an altitude of 1050m, it is a lively picturesque village where friendliness and a festive feel are combined in all seasons. You will find all the services and shops there for your stay, Supermarket, Bakery, Pastry shop, Post office, Media library …

Super Besse is the resort of Auvergne!

Ideally located on the highest point of Auvergne, you can freely enjoy its wide open spaces and its grandiose landscapes. On the program for your holidays, more than 300 km of groomed and marked cross-country ski trails, 85 km of downhill ski slopes (linked to the Mont Dore area on the north side of the Massif du Sancy) Snowshoe hikes, discovery of sled dogs but also Bowling,
Swimming pool, Cinema and many activities throughout the season as well as a shuttle service connecting Besse to Super Besse.

Shuttle to the Rond-point du Bois de Gravière campsite: during the winter school holidays at 8:25 am, 9:30 am, 10:20 am and 1:50 pm / Outside winter holidays at 8:25 am, 9:30 am and 1:50 pm. paying service (information at the tourist office

Alpine Skiing in Super Besse is:

  • 43 km of slopes
  •  84 km (thanks to the link with Mont-Dore)
  • 27 slopes: 5 green, 9 blue, 9 red, 4 black.
  • 1 snowpark
  • 1 area for night skiing.
  • 1 boarder-cross with whoops
  •  1 freestyle jump area
  •  1 speed track (KL)
  •  1 slolom stadium open to the public
  •  1 toboggan stadium free access + paying toboggan stadiu with conveyor belt
  • 1 Fantasticable zip line 1600m long
  •  1 free shuttle service in the resort

Cross-country skiing in Besse Super-Besse is :

118.5 km of cross-country ski trails spread over 3 sectors
Besse, Pertuyzat, Monchal 1200m and 1300m altitude
Super Besse, Madalet 1300m and 1450m altitude
Super Besse altitude sector, plain of sheep 1400m and 1600m altitude

Where do you rent your skis?

Cottay Shop our partner on Super Besse, offers online booking of your equipment with numerous discounts.

Ski lessons :

The Gliss’Emotion International Ski School teaches alpine skiing and  snowboarding in group lessons or private lessons.

Learning to ski from 3 years old.

Whatever your level and your approach to the snow and the mountains, our qualified instructors will be happy to improve you or introduce you to the first joys of skiing. Child or adult, great beginner or more experienced skier or snowboarder, we have THE solution to meet your needs.

New in 2016/2017: Discover or rediscover the practice of Monoskiing on the latest generation equipment.

Quality services, supervised by qualified and experienced professionals who will easily adapt to your level and your needs to help you discover the best of the mountain.

Other snow activities :

  • Sled dogs Initiation to driving a team
  •  Ski touring on Super Besse
  •  Ski Joering sensation of being towed by a horse at Mont Dore
  •  Tubbing in Super Besse
  •  Snow kite
  •  Biathlon in Super Besse
  •  Hiking 4 × 4 St Nectaire 06.2006.7002
  •  Quad in Super Besse
  •  Snowshoe hike

Inside :

  • Educational and discovery farms
  •  Cinema screening in the late afternoon and evening in Besse and Super Besse
  •  Swimming pool in Super Besse
  •  Ice rink in Super Besse
  •  Visits and discoveries Château de Murol, Church of St
    Nectaire, Ski Museum in Besse …
  • Casino in St Nectaire
  • Media library (multimedia area, internet station, children's
    area) in Besse
  • Billiards possibility to play in some bar in Super Besse
  • Disco in Super Besse

For kids :

  • Les Hermines daycare center in Super Besse
  •  Daycare + Ski from 3 years old initiation to skiing with the ESF in Super Besse
  • Club Piou-piou in Super Besse
  •  The secure toboggan run in Super Besse
  •  Children’s area at the Besse media library
  •  educational farm in Besse La clef des champs

Activités Hiver

Camping Bois de Gravière